Thanks for your support and

Thanks for your support and helping about delivery this course and I hope that take other course with this group

Author:Houtan Zanjani
Course Name:NBC-Part 3
Course Instructor:Ms. Masoudeh Nooraei
Date:May 1, 2021

A Great Experience

It was a useful course. The instructor is fantastic. Her Knowledge, Presentation, teaching, and describing in a simple and understandable way were really helpful. They have done a great job for the Iranian community. May God bless them and their work to grow.

Author:Faramarz Javedani
Course Name:National Building Codes: Parts 3 & 9
Course Instructor:Ms. Masoudeh Nooraei
Date:January 1, 2021

I was so lucky to

I was so lucky to had this opportunity to take this course with Ms. Masoudeh. She was literally knowledgeable and had a good command over Building code. She passionately delivered whatever she knew. I really appreciate her and Synnovate Institute of Research & Education (SIRE) for everything they provided. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking for an affordable and great Building code class.

Author:Shaili Shojaei
Course Name:National Building Codes – Parts 3 & 9
Course Instructor:Ms. Masoudeh Nouraei
Date:December 31, 2020

I’m on the moon

Dear Dr. Mahdi,
Your IoT Boot Camp course was fantastic, I learned a lot and practically implemented them. I feel, I’m on the moon now!
Both theory and practical parts on Raspberry Pi and Azure, are complete for everybody who wants to arrive in this hot demand area. I highly recommend your course to everybody in the science and engineering fields.
Thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge that generously.

Author:Daryoush Mortazavi
Course Name:IoT Boot Camp
Course Instructor:Dr. Mahdi Pirmoradian
Date:December 30, 2020

Fantastic course

I was looking for a useful course for LEED G.A. One of my friends introduced me to this course. that was a course with many details for all sections in LEED V4. Also I have to say that I took about thousands tests in several categories in LEED for complete learning.


Author:Faramarz Masaeli
Course Name:LEED Green Associate
Course Instructor:Mr. Ashkan Etemad
Date:December 29, 2020

I truly appreciate the useful

I truly appreciate the useful and amazing course I had in both IOT courses. Dr Mahdi is really knowledgeable and eager to share his knowledge. I learnt many new thing related to IoT, on top of that he taught us the Cloud environment at the same time.
Thank you so much and looking forward to our third course.

Author:Bahar Bozrgkhoo
Course Name:IoT
Course Instructor:Dr. Mahdi Pirmoradian
Date:December 19, 2020

Great Course

Thanks for organizing such a great course with a great instructor, Behnam has really good confidence on classes material and passion about what he does!
Also thanks to Synnovate institute for managing these useful courses!

keep it up ?

Author:Ben Pourdad
Course Name:PMP Exam Prep.
Course Instructor:Mr. Ben Nikkhah
Date:December 14, 2020

I would like to appreciate

I would like to appreciate fluency and problem solving method that Masoudeh has while teaching NBC course and would recommend this course to anyone who is interested in learning about OBC or needs to write EXAC exam
Regards ,

Author:Emma Moein
Course Name:NBC part 3,9
Course Instructor:Ms. Masoudeh Nouraei
Date:December 13, 2020

Synnovate Institute and Dear Dr. Daryoush Mortazavi

Thanks for the your efforts and endeavor in providing the course ” National Building Codes – Part 4 (Structural Design)” presented by a knowledgeable Instructor Dr. Farid Rezaeian, and with an affordable price.
The content of the course and the extras by instructor, was fantastic and has helped me a lot in learning / further understanding the subject matters.
Thanks and Thanks,
Abbas Aftab-Jahani
BSc. Civil Engineering

Author:Seyed-Abbas Aftab-Jahani
Course Name:National Building Codes – Part 4 (Structural Design)
Course Instructor:Dr. Farid Rezaeian,
Date:November 3, 2020

How Mr. Pouya taught Revit

How Mr. Pouya taught Revit Part 1. was good enough to learn about the important commands and draw projects in architecture. To know more about the complex geometry and imports from other 3d software I need to know more.
Appreciating you a lot for introducing me to this course.

Author:Nastaran Razavi
Course Name:REVIT-Part1
Course Instructor:Mr. Parsa Pouya
Date:October 25, 2020

This course was an absolute

This course was an absolute pleasure. The smooth interface of the topics and interactive features of the course made it a successful online application to learn Revit.

The instructor is so knowledgeable with strong teaching skills even for beginners or students with no architectural background.

The project-based content also assured you have been engaged fully in the classes prior to last session.

I loved this course and I highly recommend it!

Author:Mahtab Nassiri
Course Name:Revit Architecture - Part 1
Course Instructor:Mr. Parsa Pouya
Date:October 17, 2020

He is supportive and knowledgeable.

He is supportive and knowledgeable. He answered our questions very good and we learned a lot

Author:Mehrdad Zabihi
Course Name:LEED GA
Course Instructor:Mr. Ashkan Etemad
Date:October 13, 2020

High quality teacher, great organization

Very responsible, passionate and enthusiastic in teaching. Dr. Farid is very attentive and always finds ways to make classes more engaging. He is very knowledgeable and willing to share his knowledge with generosity.
A real honor and privilege being part of his classes.

Author:Sayeh Mousavi
Course Name:NBC Part 4
Course Instructor:Dr. Farid Rezaeian
Date:October 8, 2020

Wonderful Course

Wonderful course and instrcutor

Author:Shahram Goshtasbi
Course Name:LEED Exam Prep.
Course Instructor:Mr. Ashkan Etemad
Date:October 6, 2020

NBC-Part4 was a perfect course

It was perfect, I wish it could be extended for more practice and problem solving. Dr. Farid Rezaeian is a perfect structural instructor.

Author:Sajad Sohi
Course Name:NBCC-PART 4
Course Instructor:Dr. FARID Rezaeian
Date:October 5, 2020

NBC-Part4 online course was fantastic

This course is one of the best courses I have ever taken. Dr. Farid Rezaeian is very knowledgeable and dedicated.

Author:Emma Moein
Course Name:National Building Code-Part4
Course Instructor:Dr. Farid Rezaieian
Date:October 5, 2020

Mr. Ashkan Etemad is very knowledgeable.

Mr. Ashkan Etemad is very knowledgeable. He prepares wonderful materials and he teaches honestly and comprehensive . I would suggest this course to everybody who wants to pursue their career in sustainable design.

Author:Emma Moein
Course Name:Leed Exam Preparation
Course Instructor:Mr. Ashkan Etemad
Date:October 5, 2020

Appreciation to Dr. Mohammad Baradaran

Dr. Mohammad,
You presented excellent content and assignments that build on your knowledge, reinforce, and then expand. I recently secured new R&D projects using Python and couldn’t have done so without the Professional Python courses, which you taught us.
Your speech, course arrangement, assignments, and patience are too fantastic.
I would recommend your courses to everybody.

Author:Daryoush Mortazavi
Course Name:Python1
Course Instructor:Dr. Mohammad Baradaran
Date:October 1, 2020

Appreciation to Dr. Azam Rabiee

Dr. Azam,
I wonder to appreciate you for great delivery of the two AI & ML courses (part 1 &2). Your course materials were perfect, the mentoring approach was great, and working with other people via the Internet was a fantastic experience. You are fantastic and I think your lectures are very solid. I learned a lot.
Thank you so much

Author:Daryoush Mortazavi
Course Name:Artificial Intelligence I & II
Course Instructor:Dr. Azam Rabiee
Date:October 1, 2020