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Java 11 – Basics

Asynchronous Online Course


  • Length: 7 weeks
  • Instructor: Mr. Masih Omid

Important Notes: 

  • A “Certificate of Completion” will be awarded to you, if you complete at least 60% of the course.

Course Description

We will learn basics of Java SE 11+ and will write and learn your first java program.


  • Basic programming knowledge
  • no Java knowledge required

Program outcomes

After successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Set-up working environment for developing a java application. (Installing IntelliJ Idea , JDK).
  • Understand the Java Standard Editions
  • Understand java programming language syntax
  • Develop basic java applications using Java Standard Edition 11+.

Java 11+ Basic

Session 1 : Java intro & Java Programming basics

  • Java careers roadmap
  • Workshop series roadmap toward full-fledged cloud-native working application
  • Java Virtual Machine : JVM
  • JDK vs JRE
  • Development environment – install your IDE
  • Write a hello world application and run it — quiz run through IDE — quiz run it through CLI
  • variables
  • different data types
  • write a program to print out your variables
    • Practise – write a program to print out the sum of two values
  • building, and parsing strings
  • primitive vs reference data types
    • Practise – compile your code and run it from CLI

Session 2 : Java Programming basics : control flow of your program.

  • Review of the session 1 , solving assignments
  • Github overview
  • if statement
  • java comparison operator
  • if – else
  • logical operators
  • complex conditionals
  • ternanry operators
  • Switch statement
  • Enhanced Switch statement
  • for loop
  • while loop
  • do-while loop

Session 3 : Object Oriented Programming with java

  • Object and Class in Java
  • Inheritance
  • Overriding
  • Overloading
  • Annotations
  • interfaces
  • Inner class

Session 4 : Java Collections

Session 5 : Exception Handling and debugging

Session 6 : Working with HTTP and JSON

Session 7 : doing a project

Session 8 :Final project


Daryoush Mortazavi, PhD, PEng, is the founder and CEO of 'Synnovate Institute of Research & Education (SIRE)'


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  1. Good Morning,

    I’m interested in
    I’m interested to register for this course, kindly advise how do I go about it?


    1. G’morning
      Unfortunately, the 1st five free enrollment is full now. You can buy the course for only $10 until May 17th, and afterwards the full price will be $40.

  2. Hi,

    Please note that last night I payed the course fee, but received no link on how to participate this course! Could you please let me know how I can join the course?


    1. Hello,
      I emailed you the link. Here it is again:
      Daryoush Mortazavi is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.
      Topic: Java Online Course, by Mr. Masih Omid
      Time: May 17, 2020 10:00 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada)
      Join Zoom Meeting
      Meeting ID: 732 9642 1996
      Password: 3CvQC6

      There is an issue with your account as well. Please email me on info@synnovateinc.com to fix it together.

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