15 students

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning 

Part 1 – Introduction

Asynchronous Online Course


  • Length: 5 weeks

Important Notes: 

  • A “Certificate of Completion” will be awarded to you, if you complete at least 60% of the course.

Course Description

You are here because probably you have heard about the Virtuous Cycle of AI, and you are going to run your startup relying on Machine Learning (ML); or maybe you are going to add AI to your business. Here is a brief overview for you with a direction toward the hottest group of ML techniques, known as the Deep Learning.

To make it short, this introductory course defines the basic terms, AI tasks, and steps of ML, which itself contains data pre-processing, network architecture, learning algorithm, as well as some tips and advice.


For the lab session, please install the followings: (here is the instructor’s github page for more info)

  • python 3.6+
  • jupyter notebook



Coming Next

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is the first course in the AI & ML series. When you learned different types of ML projects, regarding your business need or plan, and depending on the data you have, you may be interested in the consequent courses, which will be available soon:

  • Unsupervised Learning
  • Reinforcement Learning
  • Sequence models
  • Convolutional Neural Networks


Daryoush Mortazavi, PhD, PEng, is the founder and CEO of 'Synnovate Institute of Research & Education (SIRE)'


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