Supply Chain Management Administration

Course Description: 15 hours self-paced online learning, flexible schedule, course videos & readings material, practice with professional SCM software ProcePax, quizzes, project, evaluation, discussion room.

Course Fee: 140 CAD


Revit Architecture

Course Description: Revit is a Building Information Modeler (BIM) software. The tool facilitates building design and modeling to embed additional building construction and design information.

Course Fee: 50 CAD


Course Description: Building Code-Part4 is for Civil Engineers to learn about types of Loads, Method of Analysis, Types of Limit States, Load Combinations, Structural Integrity, and so on.

Cost: 50 CAD

Solidworks1 Course

Solid Works

Course Description: In this course individuals will learn how to use modeling commands to create simple parts and create engineering drawings, applicable in various engineering disciplinaries.

Cost: 45 CAD

Smart-Identification Course

Smart Identification

Course description: Smart identification is a family of technologies that identify, verify, record, communicate and store information on a database accurately, like barcodes, voice recognition, biometric and RFID.

Cost: 15 CAD

IoT1 Course

Internet of Things-Part1

Course description: This course describes the Internet of Things devices, typical components, challenges and the standards. You will learn the importance of IoT networks in society and the cloud platforms.

Cost: 35 CAD

IoT2 course

Internet of Things-Part1

Course Description: This course covers the programming topics (Python) and connectivity protocols, and how to send variable data to a cloud platform (Microsoft azure) .

Cost: 35 CAD

IoT3 course

Internet of Things-Part3

Course Description: This course covers communication protocols to various type of sensors and modules and how to connect sensors and modules to an IoT node (Raspberry Pi)

Cost: 30 CAD

AI1 Course

AI & ML-Introduction

Course Description: This introductory course defines the basic terms, AI tasks, and steps of ML, which itself contains data pre-processing, network architecture, and learning algorithm.

Cost: 25 CAD

AI2 Course

AI & ML-Unsupervised Learning

Course Description: You will learn the basics of clustering and, k-means algorithm, Principle Component Analysis (PCA), Autoencoders and Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs).

Cost: $30



Course Description: You will learn the basics of NLP and recurrent neural networks (RNNs). You experience a deep learning implementation for sequence tagging with PyTorch DL framework.

Cost: 45 CAD

Python1 Course


Course Description:

This course will cover an introduction about python, variables, data types, lists, tuples, dictionaries, loops, logical operations, and functions.

Cost: 30 CAD

Java1 Course


Course Description: After successful completion of this course, you will be able to: Set-up working environment, understand the Java Standard Edition 11, and develop basic java applications.

Cost: 35 CAD

Java API Course

Java-Rest API

Course Description: In this course we use popular tools and framework to build a working API which interacts with a MongoDB data store. The tools are selected based on popularity on enterprise-level application development.

Cost: 35 CAD

RSLogic500 Course

Allen Bradley – RSLogix5000

Course Description: In this course you will get familiar with input/output addressing, basic ladder instructions, timers, counters, and other basic instructions in RSLogix500.

Cost: 30 CAD

TIA Portal Course


Course Description: In this course, you will learn the Siemens TIA Portal software to program S7-300 PLCs and HMIs. Also, you will learn how to simulate either your PLC program, your HMI, or both.

Cost: 30 CAD