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Welcome to our online course platform. We hope we can help you develop and promote your professional jobs in science and engineering in this platform, in highest quality and lowest price. We wonder to draw your attention to several important notes:

1. Nature

Syynovate Educations is the education division of Synnovate Institute of Research & Education (SIRE). Our main goal is:

“Professional Development and Skill Upgrading of Scientists and Engineers”

Our programs intended for individuals who already have experience in a related vocation and are offered for the purpose of upgrading or updating qualifications in new areas which is in demand of professional technology markets.

2. Online Courses

The online courses are delivered every week in a certain time-slots. The Zoom invitation for each week class will be emailed to you, before the class. we deliver to type of online classes:

  • Interactive Online Courses: In the interactive online courses, students and their instructor sit in a virtual class at a specific day/time. The instructor interactively teaches the course and students can ask their questions during the class. The videos of the virtual classes are taken and posted in the course material for future use by the enrolled students.
  • Non-Interactive Online Courses: In the non-interactive online courses, there is no virtual classes. Students can watch the videos which has been taken in the previous interactive courses and posted in the course material. Roughly, non-interactive online courses are 40% cheaper than the interactive ones.

3. Course Access:

To access the courses, you need to enroll the course. If you have already an account in our website, first login using your “username” and “password” and then Enroll Or Buy the Course. You can Buy a course as a guest. In this case, don’t forget to select the option of registering in the website during the enrollment process. If you have enrolled in a course as a guest, and have not created your password, or forgotten your password, please go to “Lost your password” in the login page or hit this link to reset your password.

4. Making Profile

Once you created your account, please go to MyProfile -> Settings and complete your profile.

5. Forums

Foe each course, a forum will be created. You can join the forum and ask your questions or share your comments with other students in a relevant forum topic.

6. Become an Instructor

If you would like to teach any in demand courses in science and engineering, and you are already a member of us, please login and then go to menu “Become an instructor” and apply for teaching any specific courses. If you are not already a member, you can go to “Contact” menue, and send us an email, or send an email to: info@synnovateinc.com

7. Our Social Media

To help you easier follow our courses and videos, we use the following social media:

  1. YouTube channel
  2. LinkedIn page
  3. Facebook page


Best regards,

Synnovate Team